Conceptual Modeling and Design

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The Nautilus team is made up of yacht designers specializing in production level 3D modeling and visualization. With over eleven years of experience working with some of the most exclusive designers and shipyards around the world, we are confident we can  produce 3D models and renderings that can effectively communicate your design and reduce the budget cost involved with production.

We can provide fixed-price quotes so you will know the exact cost for your 3d presentation, preventing any surprises overruns that are common with inexperienced 3D firms. We also work behind the scenes with guaranteed anonymity should it be requested.

Have a look at our gallery to see some examples of our past projects and please contact us for more information.

Design Gallery



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Technical Design

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With the complexity of styling yachts and mega-yachts today, 3D modeling should not only be mandatory, but fully implemented from the first “napkin sketch” through out the entire build schedule. Using the proven Rhinoceros® modeling platform, Nautilus can help your company throughout production by providing technical modeling services such as  production quality modeling, parts tooling, interior space layout, CAD data production, rapid prototyping and more.

As experienced yacht designers, we understand that producing fair, accurate, and cost effective production models is the key to a successful project. With over a decade in the marine industry, we have teamed with some of the worlds most prestigious shipyards and design firms to help create their designs and push the envelope for what can  be produced.

Have a look at the photo gallery to see some our favorite past projects.

Photo Gallery



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Generative Modeling

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Using  Grasshopper® generative design software, models  are  parametrically created and manipulated in a simple graphical interface that allows our team of designers and artists to explore and rapidly create new designs that redefine the limits of creativity. Using digital fabrication techniques, these designs can be created and used throughout the bespoke interiors and custom art pieces of the mega-yachts being produced today.

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We now offer personalized on-site Rhino® training. John Cantu, owner of Nautilus3D, is an authorized Rhino® trainer with eight years' experience teaching at Seattle Central Community College, and in-house at a range of design companies.

Some of our past clients include:

Glade John Design Inc. - Bellevue Washington

Plexus Corp - Bothell , Washington

Dennis Kaping Jewelry  - San Diego, California

Steady Flux - Seattle Washington


Prices are negotiable depending on class size. If you are in need of in-house training for your design team or small scale tutoring with Rhino®, please contact us for more information.


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